Oil Paintings by Laurel Waters

What can be covered can be found by light. So we must cover something first in order to find and see it. I am attracted by paint as a distinct form of this covering "substance." A stage upon which consciousness visits us. In its most essential form, this is what the painting will give, and the rest I am called to strip free of its "no-(a)whereness" illusion. -Laurel Waters

“Winter Uphill Wander” Oil on birch

                 Oil on birch, 12″ x 32″. One of a series of four verticals, three other seasons to paint.

winter hike painting


“Autumn Gold From Mt. Philo” new commission

%22Autumn Gold From Mt. Philo%22

Here is a recent oil on birch panel (16″ x 34″). Commission for a lovely couple getting married from this vantage point.