I primarily create landscape oil paintings that utilize an imaginative interpretation and cultivated application of color to plod thoughtfully toward my artistic horizon. I like working on large stretched canvases with traditional oil paint and basic mediums, condensing the work (but not its process) into its cleanest and boldest potential form.

I spend about 60% of my working time on private commissions, 20% on self-explored work, and 20% on custom-ordered prints/framing and shows.

I tend to see painting (for both the artist and the viewer), in its most intrinsic function, as a beautiful welcoming platform for personal growth on the level of the ineffable and ironically, the unseen. Painting is a mutual sharing and receiving that jumps beyond the margin of words and it escapes into this place of an impossibly unique yet universal journey toward something mysterious we all share and that brings us to life.

Connecting my painting to an unending unveiling of the extremely sensitive and ultimately rich interconnection of our hidden humanity, my process steps into a more purposeful direction and something to share, beautifully, in the world. As an artistic ideal, I know there is so much more work ahead, personally and creatively, and this sort of surrendered humility helps with internal balance.

I began working in Vermont by sharing my paintings of the local landscape through community venues in and around Shelburne (just south of Burlington) around 2009. I was able to paint significantly more through the help of commissions and many lucky sales of originals and prints.  In January 2013, I shifted my paints to a larger space in Charlotte, VT  which provided a quieter place to clarify artistic direction. In early May of 2104, I moved into an old storefront building down the road (also in Charlotte), and set up the large lovely space primarily for studio work, drop in customer visits, and special events.

Thank you for your visit and looking at my work!