Artist Statement

What can be covered can be found by light. So we are always covering something first, in some fashion, in order to find and attempt to properly see it.

In my searching world, paint, possibly by the force of grace (it is unknown), affords me such a means of a cover- a stage on which to build my set from. Compassion is likely the brightest form of such a cover or light/stage-producing material with its unmatched immediacy and velocity between one being to another (I am still working on this act). This covering “material”, be it the gift of compassion, silence giving identity to a sound, or paint upon an “empty” canvas, provides an ability for light to touch it- and I have surrendered to believe, (ironically-whether I partake or not), is an ever-present phenomena of the here and now. I just have to decide whether I am going to pursue it or not.

Once I choose to reach for it, I can stay here until deeper choices challenge me further. Within the example of a painting, if successfully covered, or if the stage is set up properly enough, it reflects back to us this uncaged light or uncorked depth of consciousness we privately, inwardly, recognize but cannot quite arrange within the short term or linear dimension-sadly the way it seems things sordidly nag at us to. To move away from the territory of the nagging linear crunched plane- a chaotic and suffocating inner landscape of fruit flies devouring the nourishment- and closer to this fresh juiciness toward the openness, whatever it is, is why I paint. This is no easy task, however the depth of brightness showers everything else once it has been divined.

What I hope to locate, is just a quick spotlight into such an authentic mystery, in each new painting. Light reaching light. That is all, and I’m coming to see that maybe, just maybe, it is all I ever need too. Staying tight to this path will become the way. Hugging it toward my heart the whole entirely juicy, breath-filled, kit’n’kabootle way Up.


September 26th, 2017

Updated December 8th, 2017