Artist Statement

I have been painting the landscape since childhood growing up in rural New England (in a town that borders MA and VT). Oil painting was introduced to me around age 14 and I immediately loved the depth of color that it enabled.

Upon moving to the Shelburne, Vermont area in 2009, after a children’s nature-arts camp had lost funding from a grant, I was motivated to show my own personal landscape paintings at the local Farmers Market for that summer season. It was the first time I had real consistent public eyes receiving my artistic sensibilities and I found it an incredibly supportive, and personally interesting experience.

In the years that followed I gained more opportunities to make paintings prompted by private commissions and began photo-documenting my work, encouraged to share them in the form of archival prints, in original and alternate scales.

I eventually moved my studio from Shelburne to a work /show space in Charlotte, then to a snug little room in a new home we acquired in Colchester while I embarked on the full-time engagement as a new mother.

Over the last year I have been gently turning my focus back into my art-making mode, this fall officiating a new public studio space in downtown Winooski, AND shifting gears a bit more with the development of a parent-child art program, which begins in the winter of 2020. Adult-only workshops and classes will hopefully be added as the new year progresses and more vital ideas take shape.

Please reach out with any questions you may have about my paintings, the prints that come from them, or the new parent-child and/or adult studio offerings.

In gratitude for your interest and support,