Artist Statement

What can be covered can be found by LIGHT. So we are always covering something first in attempt to properly see it. THE MORE THIS PROCESS IS CONSCIOUSLY ENGAGED, the more subtle and refined the cover- AND THUS THE QUALITY OF LIGHT– becomes. This doesn’t translate to “style” or “application”- but maturity of expression alone.

Painting is the process of “covering”, or “en-lighenting” independent of how it is formally defined in the text, craft or “how-to” books seemingly everywhere, where they goad you: “You, too, can paint!” These are false trails of smoke and mirrors because the source power that allows you to paint can only be accessed from within you- in fact it is ALREADY THERE and doesn’t need the $15.99 book to tell you that.

What I have been constantly- passionately- attempting to locate, point out, and call to attention with my own work, is this spotlight upon such an authentic, INTRINSIC territory of humanity’s free access to light. (I think it’s the experience of home coming, alignment with that elusive feeling about the such-ness and rightness about things, the best way I can describe it- Life has COLOR again). The light that I find through my work comes then into a duet with the gorgeous pool of  Light that is universal, always beyond me, showing, effortlessly, there is MORE. My work serving as a window TO THAT SPACE, or a window to another’s exquisite unique window even. This has always been my task throughout the many years of gobbledygook (those endless “practice” layers of paint), so it is my hope now, with grey hairs arriving, that I seize my opportunity to turn the ground into its plethora of magic- most consciously- and make a PAINTING (or two).

With thanks,


February 2019.