Artist Statement

I work in traditional oil on canvas, with the content of the Vermont landscape but the paintings are ultimately more evocative of my own and perhaps humanity’s inner-most desire for an expression of a “self-meets-world” as a non-dualistic and whole-connected force. This is the ultimate forefront of my process and the leading edge for its hopeful evolution. Thus the paintings are just as much about what is “out there” as they are about what’s “in there”, in flow. This peculiar point of contact in each work is the unique aspect of “presence” and “connection” that brings the painting to life. The place where our inner selves no longer have to experience dualistic breakage in consciousness. The most gaze-able paintings I have seen exhibit this with absolute wonder.

On a less philosophical level- I have always deeply loved the earth as well as other creative forms of expression including writing, drawing and working in clay. However my love for color has been an ever-present love affair from a young age and discovering its potency in oil paint hooked me very deeply, especially after witnessing the post-impressionist paintings at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts as a child.

I was born into a creative and arts based family in Southern VT/Northern MA with a print-maker mother and film-maker father. My sister attended RISD for illustration so I would visit her there as a teen a lot and get exposed to many incredible professional paths in the arts and design realms. My mother also ran a children’s art school from our home from when I was very young, then taught at a private all boys school where I had access to some extraordinary artistic resources, such as an oil painting studio, from age 12-16. It was at this boys school that I was given some instruction with oils, so by the time I was in high school I was already comfortable with the medium and quickly chose to continue my exploration with it. I painted in college and my final show related to a series of large scale oil paintings and how forms of Buddhist meditation influenced connection to the creative process. My passion for the intertwining of these two things has been an ever-present question for my life and continues to make my work better, the more I actively engage it.

I’ve found this process so enriching, I have been considering beginning individual and small group lessons to help people work “from the inside out”, shifting the focus from an over-attention to externals (burn out), to find the aligned power of “whole-expression” by using natural points of internal contact with the outer world to create authentic, life-renewing marks on the paper. Those marks are always there but sometimes we are out of the habit of letting them be seen or integrated more fully with the “busy external life” around us. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch should this be of any interest to you or someone you know.

Hope you enjoy the work!

With thanks and blessings to a more whole world landscape : )