What can be covered can be found by light. So we must cover something first in order to find and actually see it.

In my quiet world, paint, possibly by the force of grace (it is unknown), affords me such a means of a cover- a stage on which to build my set from. Compassion is likely the brightest form of such a cover or light/stage-producing material with its unmatched immediacy and velocity between beings. This covering “material”, be it the gift of compassion, silence around a sound, or paint upon a white canvas, provides an ability for light to touch it, and I have surrendered to believe is an ever-present phenomena of the here and now.

Once we choose to reach for it, then deeper choices challenge us. Within the example of a painting, if successfully covered, or if the stage is set up properly enough, it reflects back to us this uncaged light or uncorked depth of consciousness we privately recognize but cannot quite arrange within the short term dimension, or the way things sordidly nag at us to. This is why I paint, to move away from the territory of the nagging brain- an inner landscape of fruit flies devouring the nourishment, and closer to this fresh juiciness, whatever it is.

What I hope to locate, is just a quick spotlight into the authentic mystery, in each new painting. In a way that makes it good enough while also giving room for more.

Laurel Fulton Waters 9/26/17