Oil Paintings by Laurel Fulton Waters

"Between the land and you, there you are: you are not quite in and you are not quite out. You're tumbling into becoming a surprising mix of the two instead. This is the terrain my paintings explore, intimately traverse, and hopefully celebrate- the surest unknown ground that connects us beyond specified locality, through it." -Laurel Waters

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“High Spring Over the Hedgerow”

“High Spring Over the Hedgerow” oil on canvas 32 “x 52” private commission of local view.

“Under Falls River Sky” commissioned painting

Oil on canvas commission 36″ x 48″. View of the land where the artist and client grew up,
on the border of Vermont and MA, Bernardston, MA.

“Autumn Patchwork” 6’x2′ oil on canvas commission

“Autumn Patchwork” 6’x2′ oil on canvas commission.

“The Hillside Meadow Path” 2’6″x 4’4″ oil on canvas, limited edition prints available.

“Stowe Mountain Valley” 3’ft x 6’ft oil on canvas. Sold, prints available

“Plum Autumn Valley” 20″x 40″ oil on canvas. Sold, $1800. Prints available here: https://squareup.com/market/laurel-fulton-fine-art/item/plum-valley

“Crimson Autumn” 32″ x 40″ oil on canvas, sold/limited edition prints available.

“Crimson Autumn”, inspired by the hills under Mt. Mansfield, in Underhill, VT. $2,450. SOLD. Giclee Prints on paper or canvas also available up to 60″ tall.

“NOT HERE TO RUSH THROUGH IT” 30″ x 36″ oil on canvas

“Not Here to Rush Through It” 30″ x 36″ oil on canvas. Painted on behalf of Middlesex School (Concord, MA) April Gala 2019. Inspired by a photo by Hugh Fortmiller. Giclee Prints available up to 45″ wide.

Dining Room Commission: 8ft x 2ft oil on canvas

“Shelburne Evening Ridgeline” 8’x2′ oil on canvas painted for the feature in a NH dining room, framed (not shown) in black hardwood floater frame, $4500. Giclee prints available in custom sizes up to 78″ long.

New Commission:”Inextricable Her” 4′ x 2.5′ x 2″ oil on canvas

Inextricable Her
Giclee prints available in menu.