Oil Paintings by Laurel Fulton Waters

"Between the land and you, there you are: you are not quite in and you are not quite out. You're tumbling into becoming a surprising mix of the two instead. This is the terrain my paintings explore, intimately traverse, and hopefully celebrate- the surest unknown ground that connects us beyond specified locality, through it." -Laurel Waters

“Where Trees Are Planted Like Heartbeats”

Where Trees Are Planted Like Heartbeats

“Where Trees are Planted Like Heartbeats” 16″ x 28″ oil on canvas. Giclee prints available up to 50″ wide.

“Mountian Line Blush”: 8″ x 28″ oil on board. Commissioned by a cake company!

Cake Box Panoramic

“Mountain Line Blush” 8″x 28″ oil on board. Prints available.


“Big Dream Under the Hill” series. Painting #1- “Smoke Swirls” 5′ x 5′ oil on canvas. 

latest paintings created on commission

Horizon's Flow_ Laurel Waters

“Along a Moving Horizon” 32″ x 32″ oil on canvas. Prints available/

Australian River Flow- L. Waters Art

“Festival Fields Along Murray” 30″ x 70″ oil on canvas. Prints available.

Leaning Into November_Laurel Waters

“Leaning Into November” 24″ x 36″ oil on canvas. Prints available.

“Summer Over Burlington”

Burlington Summer         32″ x 32″ oil on canvas, Commission. Prints Available, contact Laurel.


“Green Mountain Valley”

Green Mountain Autumn

32″ x 32″ Oil on canvas. Commission. Prints Available, contact Laurel.

“Lake Memphremagog Winter”


28″ x 48″ oil on canvas, commission/NFS.

“Red Barn Summer”

Red Barn Summer

20″ x 24″ oil on canvas. Commission. Prints available. Contact Laurel.

“Greenbush Rd Vista”

Greenbush Rd Vista

25″ x 75″ oil on canvas. Commission, prints available in different sizes. Contact Laurel.

“Fields After June Rain”



“Fields After June Rain” 48″ x 39″ oil on canvas, $2,500 (SOLD), Prints Available.