Oil Paintings by Laurel Waters

What can be covered can be found by light. So we must cover something first in order to find and see it. I am attracted by paint as a distinct form of this covering "substance." A stage upon which consciousness visits us. In its most essential form, this is what the painting will give, and the rest I am called to strip free of its "no-(a)whereness" illusion. -Laurel Waters

latest paintings created on commission

Horizon's Flow_ Laurel Waters

“Along a Moving Horizon” 32″ x 32″ oil on canvas. Prints available/

Australian River Flow- L. Waters Art

“Festival Fields Along Murray” 30″ x 70″ oil on canvas. Prints available.

Leaning Into November_Laurel Waters

“Leaning Into November” 24″ x 36″ oil on canvas. Prints available.

“Summer Over Burlington”

Burlington Summer         32″ x 32″ oil on canvas, Commission. Prints Available, contact Laurel.


“Green Mountain Valley”

Green Mountain Autumn

32″ x 32″ Oil on canvas. Commission. Prints Available, contact Laurel.

“Lake Memphremagog Winter”


28″ x 48″ oil on canvas, commission/NFS.

“Red Barn Summer”

Red Barn Summer

20″ x 24″ oil on canvas. Commission. Prints available. Contact Laurel.

“Greenbush Rd Vista”

Greenbush Rd Vista

25″ x 75″ oil on canvas. Commission, prints available in different sizes. Contact Laurel.

“Fields After June Rain”



“Fields After June Rain” 48″ x 39″ oil on canvas, $2,500 (SOLD), Prints Available.

“Within A Hidden Place”

“Within a Hidden Place” 55″ x 55″ x 1.5″ oil on canvas. SOLD. Prints Available.

“Lifted By Day and Suspended By Night”

"Lifted By Day, Suspended By Night"

“Lifted by Day and Suspended by Night” 55″ x 65″ oil on canvas. Bid on this at VT Children’s Trust Fundraiser at Arts Riot in Burlington (and/or online), on April 10th, 2014. (Minimum bid is $3000). Giclee Prints available.

“Wandering Road to Open Sky”

L. Waters %22Wandering Road to Sky%22             “Wandering Road to Open Sky” oil on canvas, 24″ x 48″.  This piece is available for silent auction happening now through April 10th in Burlington, VT. Please consider bidding online or attending the event if you are local.

Click the link to see auction details: http://artofgiving.vtchildrenstrust.org/